The Azuero Peninsula in Panama: Are Expats Moving There?

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The Azuero Peninsula is located in the center, south part of Panama is is often refereed to by Panamanians as as the heartland of this country. This area has a long tradition of farming, ranching, fishing and partying (Carnival celebrations). Traveling through this area you will see the history of Panama culture with it’s celebrations and architecture. There are three [...]

Retire in Santa Fe, Panama

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- Santa Fe is an authentic Panamanian mountain town situated in the Province of Veraguas, about an hour drive north of the city of Santiago. It has a population of about 3,200 very friendly locals. They will greet you casually as you pass by in their traditional style houses made of angled wooden roofs, small rooms and colorful walls. - [...]

Cambutal, Los Santos, Panama

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Cambutal is a small, rustic fishing village in the province of Los Santos, Panama across the Pacific Ocean in the Azuero Peninsula. One of Panama’s greatest assets is its beaches not far from the city on the Pacific coast. The famous of all is Bocas Del Toro on the Caribbean coast which you can enjoy surfing, swimming, and [...]