Using the Internet to Decide the Country You Are Going to Move To; What Could Go Wrong?

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The internet is an amazing tool, full of valuable and sometimes not so valuable information. If you are considering moving to Panama, you are probably using the internet to research this idea, of course you are, you found this article on it. The problem I see is that many people doing research, are seeing posts on social media, or articles [...]

Why Expats in Panama Insist That Retiring in this Central American Country is More Than Worth It

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There is no denying that Panama is gradually but surely becoming one of the most highly-sought retirement havens in the last few years. In early 2019 the Money, Forbes, CNBC and International Living all reported Panama as the #1 destination to retire in . According to expats in Panama, the relatively low cost of living, excellent health care, and a [...]

Your Friends and Family will Probably Say “Are Your Crazy? Move to Panama?

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You know, when I first made the decision to move to Panama and told some of my friends and family back in Canada, they thought I was crazy. Some of them even thought that panama was a country embroiled in rebel war. I knew that was not true, as I, like you also know, have been doing research [...]

Six Reasons to Retire in Panama

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Panama has been a haven for expats who are interested in enjoying a quiet and affordable life, away from the hustle and bustle of the society. It is located at the southernmost tip of Central America with a population of 4 million people. Apart from serving as one of the best havens for retirement, Panama is also known [...]