You Might be Thinking: Why Retire In Panama?

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Have you ever thought about what retirement in Panama would look like? Regardless of where you're from, you have to admit there is something enticing about retiring abroad. When it comes to picking your dream destination, there are many things you should consider. Luckily, Panama provides you with all of the benefits of retirement abroad without the high costs that [...]

Top 7 Reasons People are Retiring in Panama

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To an unenthusiastic traveler, Panama is just an ordinary country linking South and Central America. However, any first-time tourist to this glorious country will give you plenty of reasons why they wouldn’t hesitate to take a second visit to the country. Indeed, there must be something about this country that makes it so charming. Is it the majestic skyscrapers dotting [...]

Why Choose Retire in Panama Tours Over the Competition?

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- If you are thinking about retiring in or moving to Panama, choosing a Retire in Panama Tour Relocation company is very important. You could just make your decision from pictures and social media posts you have seen online, but that will not always lead to something good. I know that from experience. I decided to become an expat in [...]

Moving to Panama: Addressing Some Concerns

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So, you have made the decision, you are moving to Panama or you are in the final decision making process. I know you have a lot of things going through your mind, so did I eight years ago. You have many questions and still many big decisions to make. The good news is, is that you will find that it [...]

Top Reasons to Retire In Boquete Panama

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  Boquete (pronounced bow-keh-tay) is a lovely mountain town located in western Panama in the Province of Chiriquí, along the Caldera River and next to Volcan Barú, an active (but sleeping) volcano which is is Panama’s tallest point at 3475 meters (11,400 ft). It is considered one of Panama’s top expat havens. The town itself sits at an elevation of [...]

Looking for the Best Place to Retire in Panama? Here are Ten Places to Consider.

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Panama may seem like a small country but you will be pleasantly surprised to know that it has quite a number of lifestyle options for people who are looking to retire in this great country. There is no shortage of appealing retirement diverse choice ranging from beachfront tropical settings on both coasts to more cosmopolitan urban city life to being [...]

Can You Retire in Panama on Social Security?

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  Panama regularly takes in expats and retirees from many Western countries including the United States. With its currency being pegged to the US dollar, its good power, water, air quality, and high-speed internet it is one of the best places to enjoy your retirement. In this article we will discuss the debate on weather you can retire in Panama [...]

Living in Panama: All You Need to Know

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Panama is found in the middle of the two American continents and acts as the land bridge between North and South. As one of the most rapidly growing Latin American economies, the country is popular with expatriates and retirees. There are many reasons for this not least of which are the friendly retiree policies targeted at people from all over [...]

What A Guided Panama Retirement Tour Will Teach You About Retiring in Panama

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Guided Panama retirement tours are a sure way of seeing - first hand - the pros and cons of choosing Panama as your future retirement location of choice. What's more, in the course of these tours, you will also be advised accordingly on the advantages and drawbacks of retiring in some of the most popular hotspots among Western retirees. This [...]

Why Expats in Panama Insist That Retiring in this Central American Country is More Than Worth It

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There is no denying that Panama is gradually but surely becoming one of the most highly-sought retirement havens in the last few years. In early 2019 the Money, Forbes, CNBC and International Living all reported Panama as the #1 destination to retire in . According to expats in Panama, the relatively low cost of living, excellent health care, and a [...]