Panama From Chaos to Excellence

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When you talk about Panama, most people will probably think about its grand canal. Perhaps they'll also be reminded of the brutal military dictatorship of Manuel Noriega in 1980’s. Or maybe the more recent scandal of the Panama Papers. Or the famous wide brimmed Panama Straw Hat that actually originated in Ecuador. But Panama’s true identity is mainly centered [...]

The Roots and Culture of Panama

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This Central American country is enticing to many people due to its cultural diversity. Various cultures and traditions have been combined to come up with a unique and beautiful environment rarely found anywhere else in the world. Cultural diversity is clearly evident in the architecture, festivals and cuisines in the country. Additionally, its traditional products such as pottery, wood [...]

A Short History of Panama

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Panama, a name that elicits a feeling of calm, peace, and tranquility. With a rich and hospitable culture embedded deep within the hearts of the people you’d want to live here for eternity. The tropical islands, off of the mainland, provide the perfect backdrop for the beautiful crystal blue beaches, where fish of all types and colors call home. [...]