How to Be Polite to the Local Panamanian People

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The Panamanian people are quite special. Polite, friendly and generally just good people. But, they have some customs and traditions that they hold dear, and it is good to know them before you get here, so you can interact with them in a favorable way from the beginning. Here are some ways you can be polite to the people of [...]

A Detailed Look at the Climate in Panama

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When people think of the southern most Central American county of Panama, they consider its weather to be a tropical maritime climate, hot and humid. Well, after 8 years here myself, and living in different areas of Panama, and traveling across this country many times, I have discovered multiple different climates in the country, and many micro climates in certain [...]

Panama’s Political Landscape and Some History Since the Noriega Years

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Panama's Coat of Arms 30 years ago, Panama was quite a different country, but to explain this, I will need to go back a few years before that. A military dictator Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno, was the de facto ruler of Panama from 1983 to 1989. Not many expats living here at that time. The economy was stagnate, the poverty [...]

Some Interesting Facts About Panama

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Population: 4,034,119 (2019 estimate) (More than ½ of the population lives in Panama City–Colón metropolitan corridor) Capital City: Panama City Time Zone: GMT-5 – Eastern Standard Time, all year long. (Same time as Chicago during Daylight Savings Time, and New York during Standard Time) Telephone Country Code: +507 Area: 29,120 sq miles. Religion: Christianity is the main religion in Panama, [...]